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At the end of the day, your business only prospers if enough customers come through the door. You’ve probably tried 101 different things to get your name out there, which means you know lead generation business is a tricky hurdle to jump. It’s why businesses come to us: to give them a predictable flow of leads and the productive target audience month in, month out, without having to worry about this themselves.

The Best Sales Lead Generation For You

You might think lead generation is a numbers game, but there’s more to it. You require a proper B2B lead generation strategy for fruitful results. Sure, you want a constant flow of leads coming into your business, but more importantly, you want GOOD QUALITY leads.

That’s what we help small businesses like yours find.

When we started our earlier businesses, it was a struggle to “turn on the tap” and find enough leads. But once we discovered the principles, it was soon clear that these ideas would work for ANY small businesses looking for more ways to generate leads. Whether it’s strategic, like targeting the right platforms, or tactical moves like running retargeting ads, we’ve cracked the code that gives you make a consistent, long-term source of leads finding your business.

Transforming Qualified Leads Into Customers

If you ask someone in marketing, a “funnel” is the answer to almost any problem. But what exactly is a funnel, and more importantly, what can it do for your business?

In a nutshell, a funnel is a way of converting your leads into happy, paying customers, i.e. customer acquisition. It’s the “next step” that businesses who struggle to get leads interested in their product or service used to get interested, build desire… then take action.

Do the leads visiting your web-pages convert into a customer when they first discover your business? That’s part of a funnel. The emails you send your leads? Part of a funnel. Even a discount code or a “3-for-1” deal can be a cog in the funnel that nudges your leads into buying.

But the best part: when you have the same experts working on your lead generation AND your sales funnel, you’ve got a winning one-two punch that not just lures in leads, but gets them spending.

Smart Way For Lead Generation Marketing

Most marketing businesses typically choose one way to drive leads, but at Marketing Done Smart, we use three different approaches to get more people knocking on your door.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail might be “old school”, but in a way that makes it even more effective. Give yourself an edge by competing outside the digital world and using physical marketing like brochures, newsletters, postcards, catalogs, and sales letters.


The “go-to” method for most businesses, advertising can be a massive lead generator for you… or flop completely. When you work with us, we’ll help you master Pay-Per-Click, Display, Remarketing, and Social Media ads that people pay attention to.

Social Networking

Like it or hate it, Social Media Marketing is a powerful lead generation tool. Connect with more of your potential customers, give them a reason to look closer, and you’ll have all the leads you want. That’s what we help businesses like you do, whether it’s on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter… or even straight out of your contacts database.

Get A Glut of Qualified Leads…
Then Sway Them To Buy

Lead generation and sales funnels are skills, and ones that we know inside-out. If your business could do with a flood of the “right” leads for you, then book a 15-minute, free discovery call with us right now.

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