Marketing Done Smart For Businesses Like You

We weren’t always digital marketing experts… but now, we help dozens of small businesses master these strategies and get big rewards from a modest investment.

How Marketing Done Smart Got Started

San Jose Mercury News: that’s where my entrepreneurial days began, at the age of 11. I sold papers and learned about the power of a pleasing personality. When I was 12, I “graduated” to running my own business: cutting the hair of friends
and neighbors. Armed with a lab coat and steel cash box found in a Goodwill store, my first business was up and running.

Since then, I’ve ran a string of businesses, all successful to different degrees. But my last one was different: it was in an area I didn’t really know. Searching out the demographics showed there was a market there, but I had to reach them somehow and didn’t want to use traditional print advertising. My time was too valuable to be wasting hours doing letterbox drops and handing out business cards. Luckily, I was about to discover a brand-new world.

I finally got onto social media in around 2009, and by a lucky break stumbled onto Facebook ads. This almost magically brought people to the business and opened an entirely new world to me. As the new business grew off the back of those ads, I realized the power of digital marketing and dove head-first in, taking courses and running experiments. It wasn’t long until friends were asking for help to break into the digital frontier for their businesses. With each success (and learning something new each time), I knew that showing business owners how to do smart marketing and get more customers online was something I could do.

– Gerard Muhammad, Founder, Marketing Done Smart

Secret Ingredient #1: Target The Right People

Conventional wisdom might say that the bigger the audience you market to, the more chance you have of winning customers. As it turns out, you often spend a lot of resources for little reward trying to reach as many people as you can.

Here at Marketing Done Smart, we develop marketing strategies for businesses aimed not at everyone, but the right “someones”. The right marketing to the right people means your message gets heard loud and clear, and your ROI jumps sharply as you spend less broadcasting far and wide.

So, how do we do it? That comes from working closely with you, diving into your business and learning as much as we can. Once we’ve gathered as much data as we can, customer “segments” start to appear. These can take on different shapes, like:


    • Location: A priority for many locally-based businesses
    • Demographics: The “basics” that start to fill the picture, like age, gender, education, race, and marital status
    • Psychographics: What your potential customer is thing, like interests, values, and beliefs

Secret Ingredient #2: Follow The Data

Want more customers? More sales? Even just more visitors? Then you’ve got to follow the data. There’s a treasure trove of data out there, just waiting to be dug out of your website, ad accounts, social media and search rankings. Knowing where you are and what’s happening is that vital first step towards moving towards where you want to be. And that’s how we do our best work: by using your data to map out the situation, creating a strategy around your advantages and constraints, then executing that to win leads and customers in the best way for your business.

2 Ways You Get Smart Marketing

With a team of marketing professionals at the ready, you get the expert help to make the online world an easy, profitable way to get more customers.

Lead Generation

The best way to get customers is to attract more leads (and the right type of leads). That’s exactly what our lead generation does for you.

Social Media Marketing

Find new customers and leads in the places they’re hanging out. We help businesses tackle social media to engage an audience and get people interested.